Thursday, November 1, 2012

s'nice - west village - new york

Quinoa salad with corn, black beans, tomatoes& corn tortilla strips with avocado dressing $8.75

It's gotten to that point where I don't even research places to eat anymore (well big cities in the States). With Yelp you can find something suitable within walking distance.

I had landed in NYC, dumped my stuff at the hotel, hopped on my bike and headed into the West Village. I had been travelling all day but had been feeling a bit off, some exercise and fresh air worked wonders - I was starving within half an hour.

Hilariously I had 3 vegetarian places to choose from ON THE SAME STREET. I chose S'nice as I felt like having a huge salad - though they are predominantly known for their HOOGE sandwich selection (I love America's obsession with SANDWICHES). They unforts didn't have gluten free bread.

My quinoa salad was fresh, crunchy and filling. It lacked a little on the flavour side but definitely filled a void. Their coffee is excellent and worth a visit alone. I'm sure the sandwiches are amaze and judging by their high turn over of customers they are. 

S'nice is probably not something I would seek out (considering there is SO much choice available) but I do love the West Village and stay in the vicinity when I'm in town so I foresee myself visiting many more times.

deets: 3 locations around Brooklyn/Manhattan web: snice cafe
$$: cheap $8.75 plus tax

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