Wednesday, November 21, 2012

stogo - new york

Photobucketmexican chilli chocolate, salted caramel pecan with a Babycakes gluten free brownie bite 


I don't particularly like ice cream. It's just not my thing, give me chocolate or better yet something salty to finish a meal. So it was super suprising to me that I became utterly addicted to Lula's Sweet Apothecary. However I tried a couple of times to get to Lula's and it wasnt open! The magic of NYC being Yelp altered me to TWO vegan ice cream stores nearby so I ended up at Stogos.

Initially I thought it would just have vegan options but no, of course, it was a completely vegan ice cream store! Lula's is more of a milkbar/sundae shop whereas Stogo is more like a Baskins & Robbins. They have a ridiculous amount of flavours they hand make on premises and they also stock Babycakes brownie bites and cookies so you can make your own cookie sandwich.

So jealous of NYC I want to cry.

deets: 159 2nd Avenue  New York web: Stogo
$$:  I can't remember maybe $7?

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  1. This is the best ice cream place for me!! I love Stogo's Coconut key Lime and Mint Chocolate Chip!

  2. oh mann both those flavours sound delicious! the sad news is though a few days after I did this post they announced they are closing :(


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