Monday, December 10, 2012

monday melbourne roundup

Well as I wind the blog down there's not much to report (well pictures anyway).

Had a relatively quiet week of feeling like shit. My stomach issues are just so chronic and epic. Anyway I fasted for a couple of days last week and that made me feel heaps better. That and I just need to improve my diet for a couple of months (like be REALLY strict). Thankfully I've got loads of time. That and I've been motivated to go to Vic Markets the last couple of weeks and having so much lovely, in season organic fruit and veg has made me want to start cooking again.

I did go out for a celebration dinner to Moon Under Water. They did gluten free vegan very well (as do all Andrew McConnell restaurants). We did kind of have a well meaning but very clumsy waitress that made the evening funny/distracting. Being the set menu budget sister to Cutler I would recommend it for just that. For a fancy meal when you don't want to break the bank. The interior is gorgeous.

I also ate this as my treat for the week: pulled pork sandwich with coleslaw @ south - the peoples market

I would probably prefer thin gluten free bread to the huge bun but I ain't complain

the avengers


I would go most places for Joss but yes we all know how I feel about long fucking movies (unecessary egomaniacal someone gives this person an editor bullshit).

Anyway fast forward many months since it came out and Dreims convinced me to give it a go just on because RDJ +Wheedon... which I have to admit is a compelling catch.

Yeah whatevs.. it was ok. And yeah RDJ+Wheedon was rad.. but I still had to watch this in pieces over THREE DAYS. I should not have to feel like watching your film is an endurance sport. This is coming from someone who happily sat through 6 fucking hours of Mathew Barney back to back. 3/5 because wheedon

ps: end of year roundup coming next monday. I'm the most prepared I've ever been. I have 6 more films I have to watch.

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