Thursday, December 6, 2012

LBD - the peoples market

Photobucket single 'somewhere over the rainbao' $4 

This is my kind of place. While waiting very impatiently for South to open I had to EAT SOMETHING. Wonderbao do naked bao (all served in lettuce or cabbage leaves). As I'm full on gluten free for the next 3 months this was WONDER(BAO)FUL!

They're on the Peoples Market website  but with very little information about the food which is a shame but a delicious surprise when you get there. Add a lashing of cock sauce and this was the perfect little healthy snack before I crammed so much South into my body I didn't eat for 24 hours.  

deets: at the peoples market till potentially end of April (their site could do with some updating)  
$$: $4 for one $7 for two  

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  1. Looks great, now I know there's something else to try when I go to South :)

  2. Pretty sure they're called Naked Bao, not Wonderbao. It's Naked Bao by LBD.

  3. thank you! I was looking at the website and LBD looks like the most likely.. but nothing in that menu said anything about naked baos... all their signage had wonderbao on it... difficult! I definitely know its LBD though


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