Wednesday, December 4, 2013

yearly melbourne roundup - other things


What.a.year. How have you been? What have you been doing? Keeping well I hope.

I have no idea where to start or how much I want to 'share'. I've had probably the hardest year of my life. I look back at these 'dreams' that I was talking about when ending the blog last year and I actually have no memory of what they were, as the tidal wave that washed me away landed me back on a very different planet.

It's not as dire as it sounds. I did spend the first 6-7 months of this year very ill. So ill I took almost 3 months off work. I was starting to get terrified that it was going to be another long long autoimmune flare up (the last one lasted 3 years and what prompted me to go vegan in the first place). But anyway, I took control in so many different ways and I am now clawing my way back to not only full health but a much higher baseline of day to day wellness. I have managed to work on and close many deep seated, primal issues and their correlating health problems have healed as well.

SO. Looking back on what I was waffling on about this time last year, my stomach is in much much better shape, in fact the best shape its ever been in. I can thoroughly recommend liquorice tea,  milk thistle, acidophilus and NOT taking iron tablets. I found these were the main culprits. I take Spatone now and its incredible. So thats all over (for the moment, who knows).

School is over. I finished in June and promptly went absolutely fucking beserk at Dark MOFO for two weeks. Like I actually demolished Hobart like some kind of Medusa/Succubus/Godzilla creature. It was A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. and honestly the best holiday I've ever had. Of course I'm a total masochist and am signing up for next year but.. you know it's only one year*.

This year was intensely private and one of serious reflection. True wealth to me had always meant being able to not worry when bad things happen and do what you need to do. I have worked very hard over the past 6 years, trying to get myself to that point and it's like karma, as soon as I *was* stable enough to support myself and my family through some very very trying times, they landed. I am proud of the work I have done on myself and so grateful I was in a position to take the time I needed to heal and to spend with my family.