Tuesday, January 28, 2014

yearly melbourne roundup - film

Second last list for 2013. There's still quite a few films I want to see but I don't consider them top five contenders (except for maybe Rush - with how much enthusiasm Hayley had for it, and Only God Forgives.) I didn't have much patience for film this year. I don't know why.

Couple that with doing the smallest amount of films I've ever done at MIFF (11) and it was a light film year. But not light on magic. 

2013 - 38 (2012 - 51,  2011 - 59)
silver linings playbook
your sisters sister
cloud atlas
the imposter
sleep walk with me
my best day
mood indigo
valentine road
what maisie knew
the punk singer
The canyons
vic+flo saw a bear
frances ha
I am divine
much ado about nothing
monster pies
behind the candelabra
side effects
blue jasmine
the bling ring
alpha papa
the paperboy
the worlds end
enough said
american hustle
star trek into darkness

left to watch
(beyond the hills, the way way back, the stranger by the lake, kill your darlings, august osage county, 12 years a slave, the railway man, the secret life of walter mitty, philomena, trance, blue is the warmest colour, only god forgives, short term 12, mud, rush, captain phillips)

drum roll.

  1. frances ha

2. gravity

Hilariously Bret Easton Ellis posted on Twitter he knew the person involved in audience testing and the number one feedback comment was "where was the monster?".

3. behind the candelabra

Here's a piece I wrote earlier on it.

4. much ado about nothing

This list is typical "me". I probably could have written at the beginning of the year bar Gravity. Tempted to put the new Star Trek in there as well as it was totally kick ass. But it makes me happy that all my faves are still creating completely gorgeous work. And smashing it as well. This is all their best work to date. And sadly Sodeberghs last.

I've stopped writing worst five because Id prefer to talk about what I think is good and just ignore the rest but I need to say that both David O Russells films this year were utterly utterly boring. SNOOZEFEST. American Hustle was even bordering on completely shit, Silver Linings wasnt devoid of charm but I'm at a loss as to why the mentally ill have to always redeem themselves through dance. His films are LAZY. What a waste of time and energy. /rant.

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