Friday, January 24, 2014

yearly melbourne roundup - telle

I watched an insane amount of television last year. I spent almost 3 months in bed, that's a lot of tv watching time. I had no patience for film as you'll find out soon:

hit and miss (season 1)
dowton abbey (3 seasons)
house of cards (twice)
top of the lake
the walking dead (4 seasons)
mad men (season 6)
ru pauls drag race (season 4 and all stars)
the check out
veep (season 1 and 2 twice)
game of thrones (season 2 again, season 3)
dead set
black mirror (season 1 (again) season 2 (twice))
how tv ruined your life
the fabulous beekman boys
a touch of cloth (rewatched 1, 2)
girls (season 2)
the killing (danish version - season 1)
american horror story (asylum and coven)
battlestar galactica (2-4 - finally finished it after 3 years)
Family tree
firefly (again)
True blood (season 6)
freaks and geeks (season 1)
louie (3 seasons)
news radio (3 seasons)
the kids in the hall (rewatched all 5 seasons)
saxondale (rewatched 2 seasons)
weeds (ALL 8 SEASONS)
dexter (season 8)

My top five new shows (though I haven't watched a lot I would probably consider contenders for this list based on my friends recs - namely Masters of Sex, Broadchurch, The Americans, The Fall):

1. Rectify

Stunning. Jaw dropping. The first television series from the Sundance channel and it's the same kind of exhilaration you felt with Six Feet Under - like this shit is changing tv forever, for real.  And Aden Young is so ridiculously hot I thought I was actually going to die, I was dreaming about him constantly. This is submerged. A whisper, a ghost. It's primal, and has so many shocking and amazing moments in it I felt like I was going to cry and puke all at the same time. I'm pretty jaded people. So for something to actually blow my mind is incredible. Watch.

2.  Top of the Lake

Holy Hunter is officially my power animal. I can't talk about this without contorting my face and bursting into tears. Beauty. Forever.

3. Orange Is the New Black

A prison drama consisting of mainly lesbian characters AND NATASHA LYONNE. This was always going to be a contender but it was so much more than that. The scene where Piper is in shu and gives the speech to Healy I have never felt more culturally vindicated EVER than that moment. I was screaming. So good I watched the whole thing twice. And  then finally bit the bullet and watched all 8 seasons of Weeds because Jenji Kohan.

4. House of Cards

Kevin Spacey deliciousness. I'm not into White House dramz but this was insanely good and even better on a second viewing. Can we just take a moment for Robyn Wright? I mean really. Absolutely incredible. Season 2 February 14.. I know who's going to be MY valentine.

5. And this place is hard to define as technically I only have one more brand new show I watched and that was Family Tree - the new HBO show for Christopher Guest which I enjoyed immensely. Good ole Guest is getting sentimental in his old age. But also I guess technically ASH Coven is a new show as its an entirely different setting and characters each season... AND IT IS SOO GOOD, I mean Angela Bassett jesus. And then finally Ru Pauls All Stars - again not technically a new season but also not continuing from the original. Season 6 is about to start - start your engines.

So finally in terms of old tv with new seasons - Mad Men definitely had their best season yet, it was so SUBTLE, so much AMAZING psychodrama especially between Betty and Don. LOVED IT. Dexter season finale was a serious fail, Louie was a joy to finally get into (I had watched Lucky Louie and HATED IT so never went back into Louie amazingness). Finally finishing Battlestar Galactica I feel like I should get a medal.

And of course my Charlie Brooker obsession deepened this year - I really liked season 2 of Black Mirror (not as much as the first) and the second episode of A Touch of Cloth had me CRYING - found this awesome interview with him at the Edinburgh TV Festival (he is such an adorable, bumbling, genius).  How Videogames Changed the World, Weeklywipe and 2013 Wipe all brilliant. I hope he never stops - he seems to be going from strength to strength. I finally watch Dead Set this year and absolutely died over it. But any man who sets up a very very serious drama about the Prime Minister having to fuck a pig on television wins my heart forever.

And last of all... Andy, ANDY BOTWIN. I have never had a character completely steal my heart as his stoner jewish muffin bum. Andy Botwin forever.

Would love to hear any recommendations if you got em xx


  1. Ugh, I gave up on Dexter before the last season. Couldn't handle it.

    Orange Is The New Black was definitely a highlight for new series! It's got its issues, but so awesome to see a kick-arse woman-dominated racially diverse ensemble cast.

    We tried watching My So-Called Life for the first time in 2013, but having seen Freaks and Geeks it just fell flat for us. Freaks and Geeks is so understated and wonderful. Did you see the Lindsay/Kim Femslash Friday on The Toast?

    1. ugh. last season of Dexter was WORST. I don't even know what My So-Called Life is... will look it up.... Freaks and Geeks is deadly its so beautiful. The Toast has too many words for me but will try...ugh just did... I get halfway through reading an article and my eyes just glaze over. I think I can only read Lindy West from now on.. its like I'm a 5 year old who needs constant spoofs of cats and glitter to keep me reading an article.

      THE BEST THING ABOUT TV THIS YEAR was realising LINDSAY WAS ON THE CURRENT SEASON OF MAD MEN I WAS WATCHING.. I almost died when it twigged. Best part of watching old shows for the first time.

    2. WUUUUUUUUT I have not been watching Mad Men recently or closely enough. I will rectify this.

      I am firmly pro-Lindy West.


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