Sunday, February 2, 2014

bodhi zen - chiang mai

 chinese style wok greens with tofu
fried rice with bbq mushroom "meat"

I spent two weeks of the Christmas break in Thailand. It was magical. Completely magical. I have never had such an instant love affair with a country. The last 5 days was spent in Chiang Mai, which is a shame really - I should have done it in reverse as mostly everything was closed in the first week of January.

I spent most days riding kms out of Old Town to places that were shut for the holidays. In the end I gave up and just ate in and around Old Town, getting foot massages, sleeping and reading a lot.

I ate at Bodhi Zen almost every day. It was also the point in my trip where I had been living on Starbucks and white sticky rice for almost a week (I don't know why I eat so terribly sometimes when I'm travelling) so I was in dire need of just plain food (vegetables and rice). Bodhi Zen filled this need very well.

Wander in from the front dining room, climb the rickety stairs to the top and its a really lovely, huge open dining room. The menu has many different cuisines - most I was unwilling to try (being I just wanted plain food). Reviews are mixed on Foursquare and Trip Advisor but I would recommend going. More Chiang Mai posts to come.

Gills post on Chiang Mai was invaluable. It's such a shame I was unble to do almost all of the things because they were closed! I'm looking forward to going back to Chiang Mai. I think you need to spend 2-3 weeks there just exploring the north. It was a great taster anyway.

deets: 18/5 Ratvithi Rd., T.Sriphum web: no website
$$: all meals we're under 200 baht (including a couple of drinks) 

other voices, other times:
 dining out in chiang mai 


  1. Yummy vegan fare! Thank you so much for sharing so many delicious plant-based recipes, good for our health and our environment!

  2. It's a bugger so much was closed (especially Akha Ama coffee!). Did you have any of the eccentric service we encountered at Bodhi Zen? An odd place but yes, food excellent. I would happily head back to Chiang Mai for a couple of weeks of more eating, snoozing poolside, swimming, eating, massages, eating....

    1. No I only had really good service at Bodhi Zen.. so not sure what happened there hahaha. Me as well except next time I would stay in a place that had a pool - but yes I would like to do an extended trip like you both did last time.. maybe some long cycling tours as well.. so much to see up there x


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