Wednesday, February 19, 2014

code black - brunswick

mille feuille - crispy, glazed puff pastry layered with house made coconut yoghurt, berry jam, orange & berry compote


Code Black, the new main player on the cafe block in Brunswick, has been killing it for some time with their vegan options. All interesting and going way above your beans and avocado fare (though they do have that too if you want it - served with pistachio and chia dukkah).

And by 'new' I mean Code Black has popped up over the year I took a break from blogging but has also firmly supplanted Wide Open Road for me. Wide Open Road's menu really took a dive when they got a new chef on board - I don't connect with the flavours or textures at all. But lets face it, they could be bringing Henry's Beans back in the game and I would find it impossible to resist Code Black's siren song.

The mille feuille was basically what I remembered from my non vegan days, but much more tart with the orange and berry compote. I found the compote too sweet (but I find most things too sweet these days) so perhaps I will ask for half the amount next time. Because there will be a next time, and a time after that and a time after that.

Their coconut yoghurt is impressive. The overall menu is impressive. There's over 10 items on the menu that are fully veganiseable (not just having things taken out - with full flavour and texture considered replacements). Gluten free is also catered for just as well - with a clearly labelled menu. I'm also impressed with their use of beans, wholegrains and chia seeds, all filling proteins - you never feel hungry or cheated eating at Code Black.

The only downer is the service. Everyone is friendly enough and you get seated quickly even when there is a line out the door but there is a consistent lack of care. Two times previously I had to send my meal back because it was almost cold, compared to my companions pipping hot one. This time I ordered a soy chai (with the vegan mille feuille, so double cue) but was served a milk chai, that's fine accidents happen. Then I got the soy chai which was luke warm at best, I couldn't flag anyone down within 5 minutes so had to walk up to the counter myself and get a new one. The new one came but it was just warm, not hot. I gave up.

Also one final bummer were the three vases on our communal table. The water looked like it hadn't been changed in a week - there was stank, mould and scum all up the insides of the vases and on the flowers. We had to make a concerted effort not to look at then. When I mentioned it to the waitress she brightly said "yes! they haven't come in about a week, it looks gross doesn't it!" *facepalm*.

deets: 15-17 Weston Street, Brunswick web: Code Black Coffee
$$: 13.90

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