Wednesday, April 9, 2014

the cornish arms - brunswick

vegan double down - two chicken fillets with bacon, cheese, token lettuce leaf, special sauce, slaw and wedges

Definitely file this under "I can't believe I ate the whole thing".

It was actually super delicious - the crispy, spicy batter was unreal and definitely sated that hankering for KFC batter I always have (I know - why?!?!). The slaw was great - fresh, crsipy and creamy. I could have probably done with only a smidge of dressing as I really needed the raw food to help break down the gluten meat. The wedges were so so, nothing special but not boring either.

I'd be interested to know if The Cornish Arms are making their own fillets - as they could halve the size of them and the meal would still be too much food. All in all for a total, disgusting, vegan, it loosely can be labelled food, pig out it was AWESOME. I still feel shame looking at that photo though. Would I do it again? YES but I would share it with someone else.

The Cornish are getting there I feel (food wise) but they totally winning the vibe. It's a lovely local and this was one of my last meals in Brunswick before I moved so its giving me extra warm and clogged artery fuzzies. I will deffo be back to sample some more of their I can't believe its not food.


Reader poll: Does anyone ACTUALLY prefer Toffuti slices to Cheezly? This is a genuine question.

deets:  163A Sydney Road, Brunswick web: the cornish arms
$$: 20

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  1. I'm over Tofutti slices. Cheezly fan here, though I freeze it in chunks then grate what I need. That double down looks like such an awesome pig out. I went there the other day but wasn't in the mood for it (unless I could share it with someone) so I went for the Texas bbq pork bun instead, which was pretty nice!

  2. i think the cornish arms focuses too much on the use of gluten and that is disappointing.

  3. Oh my holy...I was not game for this one when I visited the Cornish Arms...maybe I'll have to work up to it. The vegan fish and chips was a bit enough challenge! And yeah, definitely Cheezly and Tofutti. And probably Vegusto over that, but am definitely happy with Cheezly as an option at places like this. What a shame they used those slices....bleugh!

  4. Well, for me, as far as the dish is yummy, I don't care what they use.

  5. Thanks for this lip-smacking dish. I would like to savour this with my family :)


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