essential vegan pantry

These are all items I have been able to find at large chain supermakets. The * items are specialty items that you may have trouble finding. If you live in a big city, find your local Middle Eastern and Asian supermarkets. You can buy spices, dried and canned legumes, preserved vegetables and fruits really SUPER cheap and in bulk. My favourite place is in my hometown Brunswick, Bas Foods.

Get a few of your neighbours together, buy in bulk and recycle your old jars into air tight containers for all your new goodies (invest in air tight containers, moths get into everything. Also some places let you bring in your own containers, a great way to cut down landfill). Your local markets are awesome as well. For more information on vegan dairy and meat substitutes please see this article.

Dry Ingredients, Pantry, Oils, Sauces and Condiments, Legumes, beans and grains, Spices, Frozen Goods, Fridge.

Dry Ingredients
White sugar
Brown sugar
Icing sugar
Raw sugar
Unsweetened cocoa powder
White flour
Whole wheat flour
Chickpea flour*
Maize flour (different to cornflour)*
Baking powder
Baking soda
Shredded coconut or dessicated coconut
Egg replacer (Orgran brand is good)
Nutritional yeast*

Raw almonds/pine nuts/raw cashews/walnuts
Mixed seeds (pumpkin, sesame, sunflower)
Chicken, vegetable and beef broth stock cubes (vegetarian - Massell is a good brand)
Lindt 70% dark chocolate
Dried fruit (cranberries, currants, sultanas)
Vanilla essence
Dried soba/fresh udon noodles
Dried pasta
Plain crackers
Plain digestives
Japanese soft tofu (Morinaga brand)
Canned pineapple slices (unsweetened)

Oils, Sauces and Condiments
Extra-virgin olive oil
Canola oil
Sesame oil
White wine vinegar
White vinegar
Brown vinegar
Red wine vinegar
Balsamic vinegar
Apple cider vinegar
Sushi seasoning
Whole grain mustard
Dijon mustard
English mustard
Soy sauce, all kinds (dark soy, light soy/tamari, dark sweet soy)
Maple syrup
Tabasco sauce
Tomato paste
Canned coconut milk and cream
White or yellow miso paste
Crunchy peanut butter (if possible raw)
Red curry paste (most arent vegan - must read label)

Legumes, Beans and Grains
Canned white beans (cannelini or butter)
Canned kidney beans
Canned chickpeas
Canned lentils
Canned tomatoes
Quick-cook couscous
Basmati rice
Brown rice

Ground cinnamon
Ground nutmeg
Chilli powder
Dried oregano
Ground cumin
Ground coriander
Ground coriander seeds
Curry powder
Dried thyme
Dried rosemary
Mustard powder
Smoked paprika* or just regular
Hungarian paprika* or just regular
Chinese Five-spice powder
Sea salt
Black peppercorns
Cayenne pepper
Garlic powder
Onion powder
Bay leaves

Frozen Goods
Broad beans
Green beans
Sweet corn
Puff pastry

Rice/soy or almond
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