As the recipe index is getting quite large, I wanted to create a separate space to outline my absolute favourites, total knockouts, the dishes that will wow ANYONE. These are the dishes I return to time and time again, whether from outright gluttony or I have an omni party to wowser.

*G/F - indicates gluten free or a good gluten free adaptable recipe


coconut cream porridge
mediterranean breakfast beans G/F
mushrooms on toast G/F
scrambled tofu G/F
tempeh bacon G/F

all of them

condiments and spreads
basil pesto G/F
rocket pesto G/F
tofu sour cream G/F

cupcakes, cookies, loaves, muffins and slices
best banana bread EVER G/F
blackforest cupcakes G/F
caramel slice G/F
carrot, zucchini, apple and walnut loaf G/F
chocolate chip cookies
passionfruit coconut cupcakes

all sweet pies
black sticky rice G/F

all of them G/F

black pepper tofu with coconut rice G/F
perfect borscht G/F
caramalised spanish onion quiche G/F
caramalised onion and cauliflower tart G/F
dhal G/F
fettucine alfredo G/F
lentil Stew G/F
macncheese G/F
mushroom bourguignon G/F
roast vegie cheesy pie G/F
"sausage" rolls G/F
spinach ricotta raviolis
sweet potato latkes with dill sour cream G/F
zucchini fritters

asian slaw salad with satay dressing G/F
avocado wasabi salad G/F
cauliflower with sultanas and almonds G/F
quinoa salad G/F
roasted brussel sprouts with tahini and maple syrup G/F
roasted pumpkin, pinenut, lentil and bulghur salad
roasted sweet potato with pecan and maple G/F
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