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*G/F - indicates gluten free or a good gluten free adaptable recipe

brazilian french toast
blueberry struesel muffins
buckwheat-pancakes with peanut butter, chocolate spread and maple syrup G/F
chocolate banana smoothie G/F
clare's gluten free toasted muesli G/F
coconut yoghurt G/F
fried banana pancake sandwich
grilled asparagus G/F
home fries G/F
mediterranean breakfast beans G/F
mushrooms on toast G/F
porridge with coconut cream and raspberries
quinoa porridge G/F
asian scrambled tofu G/F
scrambled tofu G/F
sunday fry up
slow cooked chai porridge G/F
tempeh bacon G/F
rice porridge G/F

chocolate peanut butter cake G/F
chocolate and raspberry layer cake G/F
oreo and peanut butter brownie cake
golden fruit cake G/F
pineapple upside down cake G/F
new york baked cheesecake
the wedding cake
whiskey and date cake

condiments and spreads
basil pesto G/F
chilli oil G/F
jumbo chilli dip G/F
nanna pats tomato relish G/F
rocket pesto G/F
onion jam G/F
strawberry jam G/F
tofu sour cream G/F

cupcakes, cookies, loaves, muffins and slices
best banana bread EVER G/F
blackforest cupcakes
blueberry struesel muffins
caramel slice
carrot, zucchini, apple and walnut loaf G/F
caramel slice G/F
chocolate chip cookies
chocolate earthquake cookies G/F
cocoa and mixed berry muffins
daifuku mochi G/F
east coast coffee cake with apples and blueberries G/F
coconut passionfruit cupcakes
low fat banana bread

bigilla (white bean dip) G/F
guacamole G/F
hommous G/F
jumbo chilli dip G/F
lentil walnut pate with tofu sour cream G/F
roasted garlic and carrot dip G/F

chocolate banana smoothie G/F

main meals
stuffed artichokes
aduki, pumpkin, bulghur and coconut croquettes with tamarind coriander sauce
black pepper tofu
broad beans and garlic G/F
dhal G/F
generic Mexican goodness G/F
kimchi cauliflower with simple slaw G/F
lentil burgers G/F
mock crab cakes G/F
potato bake G/F
roasted eggplant with buttermilk sauce G/F
stuffed butternut pumpkin G/F
sweet potato latkes with dill sour cream G/F
red curry dahl with tofu and coconut rice G/F
two potato vindaloo G/F
zucchini fritters G/F

alfredo with asparagus and mushrooms G/F
basil pesto with chilli and fried garlic G/F
barley, garlic and tomato risotto
blue cheezly gnocchi with smoked tofu and broccolini
mac n cheese G/F
mac n cheese (best) G/F
pizza dough and "anything goes" pizza
pumpkin, spinach, zucchini and ricotta lasagne G/F
pumpkin, sage and pecan raviolis with white bean sauce
spinach and ricotta cannelloni
spinach ricotta raviolis

cheese and spinach rolls G/F
vegan sausage rolls

black bean pie G/F
caramalised spanish onion quiche G/F
roast vegie cheesy pie G/F
cauliflower and caramalised onion tart
Spanikopita pie
white bean, leek, mushroom and asparagus G/F
winter mince pie

sweet pies
banoffee pie
cherry pie G/F
coconut cream pie with chocolate ganache G/F
dark chocolate tart with gingersnap crust G/F
tiramisu G/F

fettucine alfredo G/F
rawsagne G/F
tahini balls G/F
tomato and macadamia mozzarella pasta

rice porridge G/F
sticky black rice G/F
pumpkin risotto G/F

asian slaw salad with satay dressing G/F
avocado wasabi salad G/F
broccoli slaw G/F
brown rice super foods salad G/F
cauliflower with sultanas and almonds G/F
grape, corn and candied walnut G/F
green bean salad with mustard seeds and thyme G/F
handful salad G/F
quinoa salad G/F
roasted brussel sprouts with tahini and maple syrup
a simple salad G/F
roasted sweet potato with pecan and maple G/F
roasted pumpkin, pinenut, lentil and bulghur salad
roasted pumpkin, tahini and lime salad G/F
saffron, cous cous, chickpea and lentil

borscht with dill sour cream G/F
perfect borscht G/F
broccoli and potato soup G/F
chickpea noodle soup G/F
green pea soup G/F
lemony leek and cauliflower soup G/F
pumpkin G/F
minestrone G/F

mushroom bourguignon G/F
lentil stew G/F
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